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There are many ways to develope a web page and many development languages to create them in.

We will develope web pages in the code the user specifies, the project dicates or we choose the development language for you.

We use:

HTML tools such as Microsoft's Visual Web Developer and PSPAD.

Rapid code generators such as Clarion/PHP.

Create asp, php, .net and java pages and choose the platform that best fits the project.

Use a variety of scripts such as java, php, pearl, etc.

At times we use flash and shockwave to present slideshows of information. Sample Flash Site

Use a variety of imaging tools to generate diagrams, text pages, presentations, flow charts, etc.

Where do we start to develope a web page for you?

First we interview your business then we collect documents and files that you currently advertise with to produce good looking, eye catching material for your web presence.

We have over 100 years of combined experience in custom developing projects and we put this experience and talent to work for your business. We identify and offer suggestions to improve the materials and get the most from your web presence.

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