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We have been programming in a variety of languages since our business began. We understand the need for user friendly
Interfaces and have developed some complex systems which are efficient and productive.

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There are three types of software being developed in today's software market. We sell all three, COTS, Custom and Semi-Custom.

Commerical Off-The-Shelf Software (COTS)

This sofware is sold in a box, or downloaded from the web. It is installed and the licensed user cannot
change the code to perform any custom tasks. Some software programs have many options and if these options meet your
needs and the price is right then it is okay to purchase.
If the task is envolved and the future of the software's use is unknown then consider custom software. The
software will "grow" as your needs change and allows you to fine tune. The payoff is a lower learning curve, training
is minimal as your changes only occurr as your business requires it to. Essentially you can build upon the foundation that
has already been laid.

Contact us to help with your project we resell a variety of software. We help plan (consult), install and support.

Perhaps you have an application already installed and need assistance? We have experience in making programs, installing
and using networks, operating system experience, so one person can assist you and you do not need to switch between different
departments for support.

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These programs are an investment for the future and appear pricey at first, but in the long run the return on investment
never deminishes unless the software is neglected. The software grows as the business does, if it needs to. There are
no updates generated by the developer to add some new feature(s) that you don't need, there is no pressure to keep up with
the latest version or your support will be cancelled. The only updates are the updates you require and want. These may be
procedural updates, technology updates and/or dependant on a project's requirement.

How do I decide what is right for me?
If the task you require is a unique one then a custom application is the way to go. Having a good design is key to
the success. Conveying your needs to a developer and having a developer who is exeprienced in the end-user experience
will help get the project on a successful track right from the start. Sometimes the developer will recommend to do things
a certain way. You may not always understand why but the developer usually wants to ensure a growth path for future

In many ways COTS and Semi-Custom software ensure the developer of additional revenue streams because they resell
the code they develope over and over. But while they add new features to the application they interrupt your business.

Contact to help with your project.
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These programs are usually SQL applications and the user can access the data stored in the database, but runs the risk of
voiding support contracts if custom-programs are developed by the user to update the database. So in essence the business
can only read or collect information and generate reports or bring the data into a separate application to accomplish a task
the software does not do.

We write applications that extract data from these systems to deliver the data the way you need it.

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