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Document Imaging - Fast Scanning, Importing Data, Imaging, Storage and Retreival are the focus of our solution.

Fast Scanning:

We use high end Fujitsu scanners to image your documents. These images are processed after scanning to produce clean, clear, compressed, PDF Doc-A specification documents.

Importing Of Data:

When software generated reports and other printed information are generated and directed to our collection folder the
program automatically processes and stores the information according to folder name, document name, date and time.


Interactive Batch mode
The interactive batch mode in the imaging process begins by the user selecting the batch which has a pre-defined set of
rules, loading the documents in the scanned then the user starts the batch. the user is prompted for the date at two
process before the batch begins. This help ensures the documents are being scanned under the correct date. As the
documents are processed, quick retrival information is created for future searching, the document is compressed and
stored in the PDF DOC-A format in the imaging server.

Automated Batching Mode
The program runs in the background of the computer with the scanner attached, when scanned documents are stored in a "hot"
folder or saved in a "hot" folder from a program such as Microsoft Word, the program grabs and applies rules for this type
of batch automatically and stores them in a PDF DOC-A format on the imaging server.

Individual File Imaging:
This process allows you to store a PDF document on the imaging server within a specfic account or folder for retreival.
This is a manual method and is easily adapted as a procedure of stroing the finalized document.


This is the most important of any document imaging system. Our servers which are SQL based are fast and the
indexing of the documents combined with the compression results in a responsive document retrieval system where the
documents are accessed easily and quickly.


This is the second most import part of any document imaging system. The index of these documents are defined
at the initial setup of the scanning step. How the document is indexed affects the user experience in
retreiving their documents. An advantage to our system is we can customize the index and the database at the
design level to meet your specific needs.

After retreiving one or more documents you can wrap them into one PDF document and send them in a email or print them in a batch.


We can customize the imaging processing steps from scanning to retrieval progamatically to make document imaging a time efficient process.

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