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Coporate Time Keeper - Taking Time Keeping To A High Level Of Efficiency

Handles general time keeping functions

Punches display in a unique easy-to-read interface for the time keeper.

Handles complex rounding of hours, clock-in and clock-out rules

Handles Hours-Of-Service: tracking and warns of near infractions

Easy interface to Synel Time Clock Terminals and Synel USB fingerpint reader

Produces an efficient analysis of hours for each employee on each day worked to help determine excessive
overtime hours, missing punches and out-of-shift times.

Swipe-And-Go or Press-And-Go, this feature starts with the Synel Terminal, the employee is not required
to press and in or out button before or after swiping a crad or pressing their finger. Simply they swipe
or press their finger, there name displays (hours for pay-period is optional) display and the terminal beeps
once. When the punches are imported into CTK the in and out punches are determined by the rules setup in the
CTK. The time keeper can set these rules and in unusual cases CTK can be programed by use for you to do the task.

Time Monitor: Collects time from one or more terminals in the local or remote environments via
/internet, calculates total hours on or off and sends emails to management in the event and employee
is within X minutes of when to clock-out. If the employee clocks-on to early and email is sent to notify


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